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Pre-conception care

pregnant woman

We discuss optimal pre-conception nutrition and make lifestyle recommendations that are best for both you and baby

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Stress Management


Address lifestyle factors and deal to your stress and tension. We design a Vitality and Wellbeing Plan to help you stay on track.

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Energy Boost

energy boost

Fight fatigue and feel healthier and more energised. Cleanse and detox your system following a personalised plan.

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Deborah Wright, Owner & Practitioner, Nourishe Health and Wellness

Naturopath Deborah Wright

"As a naturopath, I assist you in making new life choices, leading to better health, balance and harmony within" - Deborah Wright

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Live Blood Screening

live blood screening Using only one or two drops of your blood, Hemaview live blood screening can help you identify areas of deficiency or possible signs of illness. It is fast, safe and scientifically proven. More...

"...thanks alot, things have settled down nicely. Much appreciate your time care and energy"

Richard, Lower Hutt

Naturopathy is the most natural approach to health and healing.

massage stonesAt Nourishe I focus on the underlying cause of and further prevention of disease and illness. My holistic approach will help you find the right balance of nutrition and lifestyle that will allow your body to find its own natural balance.

I'll work with you to develop your personalised Vitality for Life plan. I offer different options such as Massage, Aromatherapy, Homeobotanicals, and premium quality practitioner only supplements.

My Naturopathy clinic also offers Live Blood Screening (helps you in better managing and understanding your health).