Energy Boost

Feel healthier AND more energised by making exhaustion a thing of the past!

My Energy Boost option is all about getting some ZING back in your life!.

  -  you're always tired and have been for ages
  -  quality sleep is something you'd love to dream of
  -  you can't often get through the day without your mind wandering off

Energy Boost is a 3 stage programme.

Stage 1: starts with you completing an online questionnaire  (about 30minutes of your time and saves about 1.5hrs in clinic!).

Stage 2: is where we'll do a brief Live Blood Screening plus a questionnaire along with any relevant in clinic tests.

Stage 3: we'll finalise your Health, Vitality, & Wellness Plan for you to take away (with dietary and lifestyle recommendations best suited to your needs) and have a chat about what happens next.


& THEN??

This is about what happens next! My focus is to help you stay on track.  In my experience you achieve the best results if I see you in clinic once a month, for 3-6 months. Once you're starting to feel better you can follow up with a second Live Blood Screening

This is useful to help you with the "where to from here?" question & takes about 45minutes.

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Live Blood Screening

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