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Day One - Health Reset 2023 - The Winter Version

I know we can't literally "re-set" our health but we CAN review and recharge. We can re-set our actions and decisions. 

This challenge will help you establish your Immune System priorities. Everyone has a different "health story" so no two paths are the same!

From visualising your Healthy All Year in January, we're now looking at Immune Support foundations that will see you through the Winter months.

Day Two - Health Reset 2023 - The Winter Version

Yesterday we looked at our Vision & our Immune challenges.

We also looked in more depth at how the Immune System functions. Now that you have a bit more of an understanding about how complex our Immune System is, we'll look at "Top 5 for Immune" checklists and an overview of Nutrition & Key Nutrients. 

Think about how this relates to your Symptoms from Day 1.

Day Three - Health Reset 2023 - The Winter Version

Yesterday we dived into how key body systems interact with your Immune System.

Today we discuss Nutrition & the impact this has on your Immune System. We'll review popular Immune support products & nutrients plus a sneak peak at a menu planner that can help you with your weekly nutrition.

Health Reset 2023 - The Winter Version

Think of me as your health champion for the 3 days of this challenge. Just 30mins per day is all you need to get your Immune Health Humming. 

We'll be talking Moods & Foods, Eating for the Season and more!

You'll get access to my signature "Top 5" worksheet, 3 printable graphics & unlimited questions for the duration of the challenge.

Plus there's a 1:1 consult with me up for grabs at the end.

I'm all yours for 3 days. I'm here to support and guide you as you discover the best Immune Health Support options for YOU.

Everything you need for this can be found inside the course once you've signed up.

I'll be sharing my insights & knowledge, giving you a better understanding of how the immune system works, looking at key nutrients, and empowering you to make savvy decisions about your own health & wellness through Winter.

Signing up gets you 1 entry into the prize draw. Joining me live gets you 1 entry, watching the replay gets you 1 entry etc etc. The more you do, the more chances you get to win!

So what are you waiting for - it's all FREE so sign up now!

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