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Health Reset 2024 "pre-work"

Kia ora & welcome to this years Health Reset Challenge!

This pre-work is for you to create your "vision of health" for 2024. 

Don't get too in depth, it's just an overview that you can then use to set yourself up with & work on during the challenge.

Just click on the lesson "Visualisation Document" & go from there.

Day one - Tuesday 9th January

I know we can't literally "re-set" our health but we CAN review and recharge. We can re-set our actions and decisions. 

This challenge will help you sort your priorities. Everyone has a different "health story" so no two paths are the same!

How Mindset & Motivation impacts your health.

Day Two - Wednesday 10th January

Yesterday we created a Vision & discussed Goals.

Today we take it to the next level, and dive into the basics of Mindset.

How Mindset & Motivation impacts your health.

Day Three - Thursday 11th January

Yesterday we dived into the basics of Mindset.

Today we look at the Foundations of Health and we'll discuss how Mindset is both affected by and affects your foundations.

How Mindset & Motivation impacts your health.

Health Reset Challenge - 2024 - "Mindset & Motivation"

Join me over 3 days and let's set you up for a POSITIVE 2024

Just 1hr per day is all you need to get the info & tools to help you with your 2024 Mindset & Motivation.

You'll get access to my signature "Top 5" worksheets, printable graphics & notes.

Everyone that signs up & either joins me live or watches the recordings, will be in to win a 1:1 consult with me.

You can ask as many questions as you like, discuss a particular health challenge you want to work on, or just join in and set yourself some goals for the year.

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