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the Naturopath's perspective So What's 2023 all about then? (perspective, story)

So What's 2023 all about then? (perspective, story)


I parked this blog as it was just one thing too many for me in 2022. I started the year feeling very average, broke my wrist, then spent the whole year being quite unwell! Some of you had an outstanding 2022, others were on my journey of hell-th. In December I had yet another incident where I broke my upper arm. This was by far worse than the wrist, & as I write this am still dealing with the shoulder impingement & pain from the injury. Yup - could be worse.

HOWEVER - I'm not usually one to compare tales of woe. I like to use my experiences as "research" to help my clients. I'm fascinated, for example, that I am unable to do more than about 1 hour of massage a day due to the excruciating pain that my shoulder shares with me mid-massage!

TODAY - for the first time since about 17/12/22 I reached across with my left arm & pulled my seatbelt over. Baby steps.

I am now able to type with both hands so am busy working on content for social media, webinars etc etc. Time to re-set & focus on what's important to me.

I'm heading up to Hawkes Bay next Friday to set up some FREE community herbal clinics. VERY apprehensive but also VERY excited! 

Watch this space...

2023 for me is all about engaging with a wider community, providing effective online programs for people wanting to work on their health, building my massage business back up again, & continuing with my 1:1 options.

Reach out - you can email me at deborah@nourishe.co.nz


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