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Just Breathe

Start every day with a Breath. Plus a short Breathing exercise to get you started.

So what's all this fuss about ELECTROLYTES??

** What are ELECTROLYTES? ** Why do we need them? ** Where do we find them?

What a Difference a Year or Two will make!

A very brief post to get this blog going again.  If you follow my social media (I'm pretty active on facebook & on instagram) then you'll already be aware of the 2 year hell I've been in. I'm not going to compare my woes with anyone else's - so if you're the type of person who compares then I suggest you opt out now & find someone else to judge.

So What's 2023 all about then? (perspective, story)

To quote Good George Brewing: 2023: What sort of F*#kery is this??

Anti Cold 'n' Flu Tea + other options (immune)

My world famous Anti Cold 'n' Flu tea! Ok so maybe not the world, but certainly a hit with my clients...

Smoked Bacon & Cannellini Bean Soup (recipe)

This popped up in an email & since I happen to have the ingredients on hand will give it a go this week. What better than a hearty bowl of nourishing soup at this time of year? (edited note: I've since made this & versions of it several times! Easy as & truly yummy)

Pumpkin Soup (recipe)

I'm sure you have lots of Pumpkin Soup recipes but here's another one anyway! SUPER easy, pretty failsafe & yummy!

Adzuki Bean Soup (recipe)

I found this recipe in a wee cookbook called "The Soup Kitchen", published by herronbooks.com.au & purchased locally at kmart for only $5!

Intro: New Day = New Blog 2022 (the naturopaths story)

A bit like starting over, 2022 is proving to be quite challenging!


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