7 Essential Sleep Tips for Babies and Toddlers

In my 18+ years of experience as a professional nanny, I've seen firsthand the difference good sleep can make for both children and parents. Establishing healthy sleep habits from an early age is crucial for a child’s development and well-being. Here are my top 7 sleep tips to help your baby or toddler get the rest they need

How Moving Saved Me

How Moving Saved Me!

How Moving Saved Me! (and helps me deal with trauma) As humans we are designed to move – just not all the time! Occasionally we need to rest & recover. This R & R phase can be by choice, or as a result of a trauma.

Just Breathe

Start every day with a Breath. Plus a short Breathing exercise to get you started.

So what's all this fuss about ELECTROLYTES??

** What are ELECTROLYTES? ** Why do we need them? ** Where do we find them?

What a Difference a Year or Two will make!

A very brief post to get this blog going again.  If you follow my social media (I'm pretty active on facebook & on instagram) then you'll already be aware of the 2 year hell I've been in. I'm not going to compare my woes with anyone else's - so if you're the type of person who compares then I suggest you opt out now & find someone else to judge.

So What's 2023 all about then? (perspective, story)

To quote Good George Brewing: 2023: What sort of F*#kery is this??

Anti Cold 'n' Flu Tea + other options (immune)

My world famous Anti Cold 'n' Flu tea! Ok so maybe not the world, but certainly a hit with my clients...

Smoked Bacon & Cannellini Bean Soup (recipe)

This popped up in an email & since I happen to have the ingredients on hand will give it a go this week. What better than a hearty bowl of nourishing soup at this time of year? (edited note: I've since made this & versions of it several times! Easy as & truly yummy)

Pumpkin Soup (recipe)

I'm sure you have lots of Pumpkin Soup recipes but here's another one anyway! SUPER easy, pretty failsafe & yummy!

Adzuki Bean Soup (recipe)

I found this recipe in a wee cookbook called "The Soup Kitchen", published by herronbooks.com.au & purchased locally at kmart for only $5!

Intro: New Day = New Blog 2022 (the naturopaths story)

A bit like starting over, 2022 is proving to be quite challenging!


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