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Just Breathe


Breathing is something we do automatically. In times of stress, it can be a tool to help calm the nervous system. 

There are a million+ books, videos, guides, and classes on how to breathe. Buteyko Breathing is a fabulous tool for anyone who has respiratory issues. 

I like to keep things simple. I start my day with stretching & breathing. I begin with just a simple inhale/exhale & check in to see how my lungs are, before even thinking about starting anything more vigorous.

At one point when I was still at primary school, I had to stand outside (one the freezing cold air of Upper Hutt) & do breathing exercises. Suffice to say cold air was not great for my breathing so it was a short-lived regimen. After years of undiagnosed exercise-induced asthma, at the age of 24 I got my first inhaler. What a game-changer! I could swim & jog without gasping & heaving for breath. I ditched the inhaler in my late 30's when I started my clinic, got into cycling, and figured relying on a steroid was simply not going to work for me. Still get asthma occasionally but manage it fully using the tools I now have in my basket (more on this to come).

Breathwork is a wonderful thing. My favourite breathing tool is called Square Breathing. Have a quick read & click on the video that will guide you through the process. 

It's about breathing in & out for the exact same amount of time. I was taught to breathe/hold/exhale/breathe for a count of 4. This wee video is 4 seconds for each. 4 seconds may be too long for some, and yet too short for others. Do what works for you - but the start & finish are the same. The repetition is the same - 4 times. Start by exhaling the breath, then follow the 4 sections, 4 times. You can do this breathing exercise ANYWHERE! I find it particularly useful when driving & stuck in traffic, or any time I'm queuing for something! It's great to do when you're feeling anxious, can't get to sleep, or any time you need to "be". Reach out if you have any questions.

Yours in Health 


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