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the Naturopath's perspective Intro: New Day = New Blog 2022 (the naturopaths story)

Intro: New Day = New Blog 2022 (the naturopaths story)


As I navigate all the new "tech" I've upgraded to over the past couple of years, I've been cleaning up some of the stuff that's been lurking in the background for ages. I have an old wordpress blog that has not been updated since 2019. Can't even use covid as an excuse for that one. I dived in there again yesterday, only to find the whole backend has changed & it's no longer the super easy to use site that it used to be (one of many reasons I hate wordpress). SO now I'm starting again & will see how I fare with this site.

I'm super proud of myself this year for getting my membership platform set up & working, selling some subscriptions and generally getting a more in depth understanding of how it all works. 

A few weeks ago I was overwhelmed by the tech and all the extra "stuff" that comes with using this modern software. Gone are the days of buying a software package & spending hours loading it onto your pc. My learning curve has been steep steep steep. Along the way I realised I didn't really know what I wanted from any of it, and I was just getting on board because various coaches had told me I needed to do this & that.

Then I broke my arm. At the end of January. Suddenly I had so much time, couldn't really work (the majority of my clinic is bodywork) as I had not invested in this whole online consult thing. I could barely type as one arm was encased in plaster & weighed a mega tonne. What did this mean? Well I had plenty of time (or so I thought) every day to PLAN & de-clutter.

Yup - planning went well, decluttering went ok, but most of the day was taken up with getting dressed (about 1 hour), doing a bare minimum of house work (one arm proving to be a bit of a hazard truth be told), WALKING (really the only exercise I could do initially) to try & keep my fitness at a semi respectable level, drinking coffee with friends, resting & that's about it. 

I'm now working a few massage hours each week, I'm back instructing at the gym, I have new health clients that are committed to their long term plans. I'm cycling indoors without any props (pillows, upright areo bars etc) and trying to muster some courage to get back out on the road bike. Watch this space.

I feel that I once again have purpose.

Thanks for reading! I promise to be a much more consistently regular blogger this year.


xoxo Deborah


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