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nourishe family health

This is where the magic happens. You're here because you want to be in the Best Health you can be.
I'm here to ensure you know how to achieve this.

nourishe health & wellness clinic is open Wednesday - Saturday

Petone, Lower Hutt, Aotearoa New Zealand   ✦✦   ph: 04 5697832

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Naturopathic healthcare for the whole family - a totally NEW concept for 2024, and one that I hope works for you.

Your health is a story. A chapter. A book. Each stage of your life is a chapter that you get to write as you go along. Like any good read, there will be many chapters, and many stories to tell. We need different approaches at different stages.

Like anything, the younger we start, the better we are. Health is no different and the foundations of my clinic are built on the idea that we Own our Own Health (kinda like the old "own your Own home concept).
nourishe family health is my way of encouraging families with young children to embrace Naturopathy and all that lies within the scope of a Naturopath. We'll look at nutrition, lifestyle habits, health conditions, nutrients & supplements, along with practical and affordable solutions for you to implement with your family.

I appreciate it can be expensive to see a Naturopath regularly, so think of this as a "family membership" where ALL your family can join and be seen by me in clinic, in a more cost-effective way. I've literally just launched this, so please get in touch if you have any questions.

With 20+ years of experience, and having helped 100's of clients improve their health & wellbeing, I will support you & your family as you write your new chapter.

Let's take your next step & together we will write your future.


This was taken some years ago when I ran a free community kids clinic out of a friends shop, in Petone. It was great fun.

(I don't see a lot of babies these days)

My vision for this is to help you work through your health challenges using easy-to-follow methods. By getting the whole family involved, everyone can support each other. Small changes, understanding the foundations of health, and your personal commitment is all it takes!

To find out more just book a Strategy call (aka chat) where we can discuss your needs & how I may be able to help you.

Feel free to give me a call anytime (yes - still have a landline!). PLEASE leave a message if I don't answer!

​Good things take time and I'm with you all the way.

If you want to go ahead and book, just click on the bookings tab where you can scroll down to the Family Health booking option.


How the Family Health Subscription works image

We'll start with "onboarding", and it looks like this:

  • Step One:
  • book your first appointment using the link below
  • intake form for each family member
  • an online questionnaire for each family member (links will be emailed once I have the intake forms)
  • appointments - $175 for the first appointment (this covers all your onboarding info & set up of private client portal), then $75 per person
  • 30 minute consults per person
  • personalised Health and Wellness summary with recommendations for each person (the plan)
  • Step Two (optional):
  • choose your follow-up subscription term - minimum 3 months
  • $50 per month
  • includes: weekly emails, scripts, plan updates or changes, menu planner with recipes based on your specific requirements

The length of your Family Health Subscription will depend on the specific needs you have, so each one will look different. I've kept the prices as low as I possibly can in order to get it started, and support families in managing their health & wellness needs better.

Why? In the years since I've had my clinic, I often see more than one child in the family, and also one or both parents. Each consult is a standalone cost. By offering a family subscription I get all the necessary information up front, can easily book in any family member knowing that I already have a good amount of info, and over time we can keep in touch and work through any changes that inevitably happen!

helping your body to heal - naturally

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